Park Hopping: Best Melbourne Playgrounds

We’ve been on a mission to all check out the best Melbourne playgrounds. We began this undertaking some years back after being blown away by Hays Paddock. Since then, the playgrounds have only gotten better and better. It is almost as if there is a secret competition for the “best playground” award and every council is vyingContinue reading “Park Hopping: Best Melbourne Playgrounds”

Sights and Sounds: Mazes and Places in Victoria

I’ve always had a thing for mazes – especially those life-sized hedge mazes like the one I saw in Ashcombe Maze when I was younger: Judging from the reaction I had from the boys when we visited The Maze in Swan Valley, I reckon they’re partial to mazes as well. Unfortunately, the hedge maze wasn’t ready back whenContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: Mazes and Places in Victoria”

Activities: Melbourne Playground Crawl

Update: this post was written in 2013. Some of the information may be out of date. There’s nothing like a playground to get a child excited, and when you’re in Melbourne, there are playgrounds everywhere. Every neighbourhood has several playgrounds to choose from. The best about young children that is so wonderful is that they aren’tContinue reading “Activities: Melbourne Playground Crawl”

Activities: Sherbrooke Forest

If you’re wondering about the silence, it’s because we took a trip down under…  One of the things I really miss about Australia is the great outdoors. You don’t have to go far to be immersed in greenery – something we sorely lack back home. One of the first places we visited was Sherbrooke Forest.Continue reading “Activities: Sherbrooke Forest”

Sights and Sounds: Melbourne Museum

The dinosaur exhibition at Scienceworks was fun but I thought it was nothing compared to the enormity of the dinosaur fossils at the Melbourne Museum. Check out the main procession of dinosaur fossils in the foyer of the Science and Life Gallery: The Melbourne Museum contains 17 complete dinosaur skeletons: Inostrancevia Gallimimus Deinonychus Tarbosaurus HadrosaurContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: Melbourne Museum”

Sights and Sounds: Things to do in Victoria, Australia

Just in case anyone was wondering about the sudden silence, we were down in Melbourne for the whole of last week. I ambitiously thought I would have time to update the blog. Instead, it was all I could do to keep up with the boys and the activities they wanted to do. This was aboutContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: Things to do in Victoria, Australia”

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