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Mindfulness Enhances School Performance

Although the practice of mindfulness meditation has been around for a while, it is only in recent times that it has begun to gain traction in schools. As more research builds up to support the case for mindfulness, more schools are beginning to incorporate mindfulness into the curriculum. The body of scientific research illustrating theContinue reading “Mindfulness Enhances School Performance”

Meditation Helps Kids Deal with Stress

Stress affects learning – it interferes with our basic needs from Maslow’s Hierarchy and distracts our attention from learning. Children need to feel safe in order to learn—if they become stressed in school, their brains will spend more energy on self-protection than learning. – William Stixrud, Ph.D. Stress triggers the fight or flight response which overrides our higherContinue reading “Meditation Helps Kids Deal with Stress”

Books for Guided Imagery: Imagine That! and Other Books

Although the practices of meditation has been in existence for longer than we have had records, it is only in recent times that the mainstream population have started to take notice of it. There is much documented evidence on the beneficial effects of meditation on the mind and body and it is not only good for adults – itContinue reading “Books for Guided Imagery: Imagine That! and Other Books”

Boost Your Productivity, Mood and Health with Nature Sounds

We have previously explored the link between nature and the brain from the perspective of being immersed in nature and the visual effect of looking at nature but it recently occurred to me that I have never really looked into the effects of listening to sounds of nature. Perhaps it is because I already know at someContinue reading “Boost Your Productivity, Mood and Health with Nature Sounds”

Getting the Most Out of Your Brain Training

There are many ways to sharpen the brain and keep it finely honed – methods that have consistently proven time again through research to be effective. But let’s face it… in the rapid pace of life that we live in, it can be difficult to fit one or two of these activities in. Given the limited commodityContinue reading “Getting the Most Out of Your Brain Training”

The Scientific Power of Meditation – How Meditation Benefits Mind and Body

We keep hearing about meditation benefits and how good it is for our minds and bodies. So this is a post to summarise all those wonderful benefits. Meditation benefits your health: lowers blood pressure improves cardiovascular health strengthens the immune system improves concentration reduces stress reduces emotional distress slows aging increases happiness Meditation benefits yourContinue reading “The Scientific Power of Meditation – How Meditation Benefits Mind and Body”

Easy Ways to Practice Mindfulness with the Children

We know about the benefits of teaching children about meditation and mindfulness but how do we put that into practice? While the idea is great, the practice sometimes goes a little awry, so here are some terrific tips we found from Kidsstuffworld and HuffingtonPost that we’re borrowing… 1. Mindful Smelling. Collect a few household items for your children to smell,Continue reading “Easy Ways to Practice Mindfulness with the Children”

Enhancing the Body with a Well-Trained Mind

In recent times, we have read a lot about the mind-body connection where movement of the body is connected to development of the brain. This connection is so deeply entwined that the converse is also true – where training the mind can affect the body. Sports professionals know the importance of mental discipline and having a well-trained mind andContinue reading “Enhancing the Body with a Well-Trained Mind”

Stay Mindful and Meditate

In the chaos that ensues in our daily lives, there is rarely a moment where we can rest, be still and be fully present. Drifting away with our thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow, it is easy to forget how to be present today. We are always on the move and in haste, and we hardly stop toContinue reading “Stay Mindful and Meditate”