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Using Maths Manipulatives for Learning – What are the Benefits?

“Manipulatives can be important tools in helping students to think and reason in more meaningful ways. By giving students concrete ways to compare and operate on quantities, such manipulatives as pattern blocks, tiles, and cubes can contribute to the development of well-grounded, interconnected understandings of mathematical ideas.” – Stein and Bovalino (2001) The use of manipulativesContinue reading “Using Maths Manipulatives for Learning – What are the Benefits?”

Brilliant Minds Montessori Math Kit

Introducing an exciting new math curriculum specifically designed for young children! Everything needed to perform our curriculum at home is included in this kit. Each lesson includes all of the required Montessori materials and easy to follow instructions. This kit is popular with educators and non-professionals alike. Brilliant Minds Montessori Math is a brilliantly devisedContinue reading “Brilliant Minds Montessori Math Kit”

Fat Brain Toys Inchimals

Set of 12 wooden blocks with animals. Range in height from the 1″ block with a lady bug to the 12 ” tall towering giraffe block. Use with the 100 math puzzles included to learn basic math Multi award winning product For children 3 years & up Inchimals is a set of 12 beautifully crafted,Continue reading “Fat Brain Toys Inchimals”