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Behaviour Management: The Bucket Analogy

Aristotle is going through a phase. At least I’d like to think it’s just a phase and not because I’m failing at my role of being a parent. To put it simply, he’s been obnoxious. It’s tough swallowing that when I know he can behave so beautifully sometimes that it just blows me away andContinue reading “Behaviour Management: The Bucket Analogy”

Toddler Development: Pre-School and Making Deals

These days it seems like there are so many things to write about and not enough time to write them all.  Between Gavin and Gareth – my siamese boys – I rarely have time to think, let alone write.  So here I am trying to record events out of date, organise my thoughts and identifyContinue reading “Toddler Development: Pre-School and Making Deals”

Toddler Tantrum Management: Using the Fast Food Rule

A long time ago, I used to use a method of handling Gavin’s tantrums that was devised by paediatrician Harvey Karp, called “Toddlerese“.  I haven’t used it in a long time for various reasons. Recently, after Gavin’s repeated tantrums and refusal to comply with my requests, I revived this tactic with some rather pleasing results…Continue reading “Toddler Tantrum Management: Using the Fast Food Rule”

Toddler Management and Distraction Tactics

When I was studying dentistry, we had a subject where we were taught how to manage children in the dental surgery. It is ironic that I’m only remembering these tips now, but I’ve found them to be pretty useful not just for managing a child in a dental surgery but a child who is aboutContinue reading “Toddler Management and Distraction Tactics”

5 Tips for a Happy Toddler in a Carseat

I saw a rather cute ad from Mothercare recently that goes like this: MICHAEL’S RIGHTS RELATING TO BUGGY RIDES/CAR TRAVEL I reserve the right to go as stiff as a board as you attempt to strap me in. I reserve the right to become uncontrollably excited by dogs or cats. I reserve the right toContinue reading “5 Tips for a Happy Toddler in a Carseat”