Montessori Read and Write: A Parent’s Guide to Literacy for Children

In Montessori Read & Write, Lynne Lawrence, a leading Montessori practitioner, shows you how you can teach your children to read and write using the famous Montessori system.  The book is packed with ideas and age-specific activities and games that make learning easy and fun.  It puts children on the straightest possible road to literacy, from thoseContinue reading “Montessori Read and Write: A Parent’s Guide to Literacy for Children”

The Value of Reading Out Loud

While there may be controversy over exactly what we should and shouldn’t be doing with regards to early childhood education, there is one activity that is continually endorsed by all groups and that is reading aloud to children.  In all my early child development research, I have never read anything contrary to this. The ReadContinue reading “The Value of Reading Out Loud”

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