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Phonics: Encouraging Literacy in the Home

There is a heated debate over which is better – learning to read using “whole words” or “phonics”. A long time ago, I touched on some of the pros and cons for each method (see: Learning to read – whole words versus phonics) and the route we chose to go with was a combination of both. We began ourContinue reading “Phonics: Encouraging Literacy in the Home”

Jeff Gunhus’ Tips for Reaching the Reluctant Reader

I have a philosophy that I try to adhere to… As a parent, I believe it is important to keep our eyes and ears open for novel ideas for ways to get around issues we might have with our children. Since there is never a guarantee that something will work for every child, it isContinue reading “Jeff Gunhus’ Tips for Reaching the Reluctant Reader”

Apps: My Story World – Interactive Educational Read Along Stories

My Story World by Mindshapes is the latest of our collection of read-along storybook apps to be discovered and this one’s a keeper. Loads of stories! My Story World contains over 70 interactive stories with more being added to the collection each week! These are some of the stories in their collection that your child is sureContinue reading “Apps: My Story World – Interactive Educational Read Along Stories”

Reading Apps: Vocabulary Expansion and Chapter Books

Hercules’ reading vocab has been developing pretty well. He has gotten to the point we were at with Aristotle some time back where he is ready for more challenging books but has yet to transition to chapter books with more words and less pictures. I’ve learned to relax a lot more with Hercules so IContinue reading “Reading Apps: Vocabulary Expansion and Chapter Books”

Educational Insights Blurt! The Uproarious Word Race Game!

Promotes vocabulary building and word recall Includes 300 cards, which have 1800 clues at 2 playing levels This special edition includes a Junior version for ages 7-9, as well as the regular version World-famous game is back and better than before Great for family game nights, parties, classrooms and more Think fast. What word meansContinue reading “Educational Insights Blurt! The Uproarious Word Race Game!”

Reading: Speed Reader-X – Read Faster, Increase Comprehension

Learn how to read faster and remember more with Speed Reader-X. httpv:// Speed Reader-X Online includes everything you need to learn speed reading: Ten expert designed lessons averaging 10 minutes each Graphic test results show you how you are progressing On demand tests allow you to try out your ability anytime you choose Your ownContinue reading “Reading: Speed Reader-X – Read Faster, Increase Comprehension”

BrillKids Little Reader: Teaching Children to Read

Little Reader is an effective learning system by BrillKids that can help you teach your children to read. About BrillKids Little Reader: Little Reader has a comprehensive curriculum that cover 3000 words in 180 categories with daily lessons over 12 months leading your child from single words to complete stories. It is easy to use.Continue reading “BrillKids Little Reader: Teaching Children to Read”

Learning to Read and Spell is Easy and Fun with Click ‘N’ Kids

According to the Nations Report Card 2009 assessing national education progress, by 4th Grade, 1 out of 3 are unable to read at Grade level. One of the best ways to promote literacy is to inculcate a healthy reading habit from young. In the Read Aloud Handbook, Jim Trelease explains that if you read enoughContinue reading “Learning to Read and Spell is Easy and Fun with Click ‘N’ Kids”

BrillKids Little Reader Wins the Tillywig Toy “Brain Child” Award

Last month, they won the PTPA Award. This month, BrillKids Little Reader won the Tillywig Brain Child Award. About the Tillywig Toy Awards Each year, the Tillywig Toy Awards Program delivers to consumers, retailers, and the media a list of the best new toys, games, and other products available in the United States. Product awardsContinue reading “BrillKids Little Reader Wins the Tillywig Toy “Brain Child” Award”