Music Lessons: The Suzuki Method

Although my earlier attempts to send Gavin to music classes were dismal failures (Kindermusik, Yamaha Music Kids), I was encouraged to try again when Gavin expressed a renewed interest to learn music after his school concert performance a couple of months back. Given Gavin’s negative response to both the Kindermusik and Yamaha Music Kids programs,Continue reading “Music Lessons: The Suzuki Method”

The Role of a Parent – Teaching Life's Lessons

Gavin appears to have developed a rather negative attitude towards difficult tasks and it is really starting to bug me.  I hate that he often says he can’t do things even before he’s given it a go.  In an effort to counter this negativity, I have been constantly talking to him about the importance ofContinue reading “The Role of a Parent – Teaching Life's Lessons”

Why We Need to Pay Our Teachers More

When I was approaching the end of my high school years, my Uncle tried to give me some careers counselling advice.  Except that I don’t think it was advice so much as it was more like him telling me what I should do.  So what did he tell me to do?  Become a teacher. Yes,Continue reading “Why We Need to Pay Our Teachers More”

Home Schooling – Week Two in Review

Since we’re into the early days of my homeschooling experience with Gavin, I thought I should keep up the practice of reviewing the activities we did in the previous week so that I may better learn from them and improve upon my “curriculum” for future weeks.  My original plan was to run a timetable withContinue reading “Home Schooling – Week Two in Review”

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