Music Resources: eMedia Programs Introduce Music Instruments to Children

Research has proven that children who play an instrument do better in school, make friends more easily, are more creative, learn self-discipline, and gain self-confidence. eMedia My Piano In eMedia My Piano, an animated character named Pam the Piano leads kids through over 100 lessons by Irma Irene Justicia, M.A., who has taught at theContinue reading “Music Resources: eMedia Programs Introduce Music Instruments to Children”

Music Resources: Learning Piano with the Hoffman Academy

We have heard it over and over again – learning music is good for the brain and it’s good for our children’s development. It benefits our children in so many ways… The wondrous benefits of learning a musical instrument Why you should send your child for music lessons Brain scans show how learning a musicalContinue reading “Music Resources: Learning Piano with the Hoffman Academy”

Mindset Lessons from Star Wars

Star Wars is one of Aristotle’s favourite shows. I love it because the “way of the Jedi” offers so many terrific teaching opportunities on developing the growth mindset and character development. Take, for example, the following dialogue between Luke Skywalker (our hero) and Yoda (his master)… Luke Skywalker: Master, moving stones around is one thing.Continue reading “Mindset Lessons from Star Wars”

Implementing the Suzuki Method at Home

With so many benefits for learning music and Hercules demonstrating a keen interest in music since he old enough to express an interest, I have decided to implement the Suzuki Method once he is through with the BrillKids Little Musician course. Although we originally contemplated the Suzuki Method for Aristotle, we weren’t able to makeContinue reading “Implementing the Suzuki Method at Home”

Character Building: The Value of Persistence

CoachMi wrote a blog post some time back about a topic that has been at the top of my mind for some time now: Tipping Points and Dips – the Value of Persistence. The point she raised, which I felt was an important one, was about teaching children the value of persistence. She talked aboutContinue reading “Character Building: The Value of Persistence”

The Parable of the Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee

A good lesson to teach our children: There is an old parable about a boy who was so discouraged with failing in school he told his grandfather he wanted to quit. His grandfather filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Soon the pots came to a boil. In the first,Continue reading “The Parable of the Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee”

Life Lessons: Inspiring Our Children to be Great

Since I started my little project of sending Gavin to as many different trial classes as possible, I have to confess my enthusiasm has waned considerably from the time that I conceived the idea. Despite how simple it sounds, the endeavour has been far more exhausting than I had envisaged. Spending the day at homeContinue reading “Life Lessons: Inspiring Our Children to be Great”

Recommended Reading List for Life Lessons: The Berenstain Bears

I was looking for some new books for Gavin when I stumbled across the Berenstain Bears series by Stan and Jan Berenstain which I thought looked pretty good. Since I haven’t actually read them, I can’t really say if they really are good, but I have two books on order – Berenstain Bears visit theContinue reading “Recommended Reading List for Life Lessons: The Berenstain Bears”

Life Lessons: Let’s Talk About Sex

After all my “preparation” to talk about the Birds and the Bees, Gavin finally asked me where babies came from. I have always made it a point not to make up stuff that isn’t true because I don’t want to have to un-explain things to him when he’s old enough to understand he’s been toldContinue reading “Life Lessons: Let’s Talk About Sex”

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