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Brain Training by Learning Languages

In the previous post, we wrote about using musical instruments as a brain training exercise. Well, we know that the other thing that is also good for the brain is learning languages. And now a study by Yang et al., 2014 provides more compelling reasons why learning a second language can be a good brain training exercise, regardless of yourContinue reading “Brain Training by Learning Languages”

No “Bananas” Here Please!

Recently read this hilarious post by Cilisos about the 9 Problems Faced by Bananas, but even as I was guffawing through it, I quickly sobered up with the awareness that my boys may be growing up like bananas, too. Just in case you’re not familiar with the term, a banana is a reference for a Chinese person who can’t speak ChineseContinue reading “No “Bananas” Here Please!”

BrillKids: Little Reader French Curriculum Now Available!

The BrillKids French Curriculum is now available for Little Reader! Now you can teach your child to read and speak thousands of French words with the new BrillKids Little Reader French Curriculum. What’s in it… The curriculum includes lesson subjects in 222 categories and contains: 4,277 words 2,912 images 7,065 pronunciation files 1,103 picture audio and sound effects …andContinue reading “BrillKids: Little Reader French Curriculum Now Available!”

Learning Mandarin with EuroTalk

EuroTalk Talk Now Chinese Mandarin Talk Now! is the world’s best selling language learning CD-ROM series for beginners, used by more than three million people to date. Designed for newcomers to the language, Talk Now! is the perfect method to access a wealth of comprehensive fundamental vocabulary and accurate pronunciation in one user-friendly plan packed withContinue reading “Learning Mandarin with EuroTalk”

How to Teach a Child a Language You Cannot Speak

When hubby and I first discussed schooling for Gavin, we wanted to send him to a Chinese school.  This was primarily because we wanted him to learn how to read and write Chinese – something neither of us can do.  Well, hubby can read some words (mostly food-oriented) and I can’t even understand it beingContinue reading “How to Teach a Child a Language You Cannot Speak”

Wink to Learn: Chinese

I am monolingual.  I never learned to speak any other languages other than English. Well, I did have a few years of French in school but that never got very far.  My father speaks Hokkien and my mother speaks Hakka but I never learned either of those dialects either.  We migrated to Australia when IContinue reading “Wink to Learn: Chinese”