Thoughts on Kumon and Early Childhood Education

I’ve always believed in early childhood development but when I read a headline like “Are Adults Hurting Young Children by Pushing Them to Achieve?” I have to question myself if I have gone overboard and allowed my “best intentions” to get ahead of myself. The article in question was written in response to the increaseContinue reading “Thoughts on Kumon and Early Childhood Education”

Kumon Books with a Personal Twist

Every since I saw those Kumon books at MPH, I’ve been rather keen to get them for Gavin.  Unfortunately, the couple of times I asked Gavin if he wanted them, he said, “No.”  Not surprisingly since there was nothing about Thomas or Little Einsteins in them.  Having realised that asking Gavin if he wants toContinue reading “Kumon Books with a Personal Twist”

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