Giapetta’s Workshop – Wearable Coding Adventure

Giapetta’s Workshop is an interactive jewelry kit for 8-12 year olds that teaches the fundamentals of computer programming. Getting Girls into STEM It is estimated that there will be 1.4 million new tech jobs by 2020, but the gender gap in tech fields continues to grow. Sources: The State of Women in Technology – Tech Republic National CenterContinue reading “Giapetta’s Workshop – Wearable Coding Adventure”

Reading Rainbow App and Kickstarter Project – Bringing Literacy to Children, Everywhere

Literacy is the key to unlocking the cycle of poverty The facts are clear – illiteracy correlates to far higher unemployment. Illiteracy locks communities into vicious cycles of poverty that lay the conditions for violence and strife. What is Reading Rainbow? Reading Rainbow is a children’s TV series designed to encourage children to read. Each episodeContinue reading “Reading Rainbow App and Kickstarter Project – Bringing Literacy to Children, Everywhere”

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