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Art and Craft: Jewellery Making

Jewellery making arts and crafts is a great creative activity for both boys and girls, offering several benefits: It is an opportunity for creative expression. It teaches children how to make their own presents. In this day and age of store-bought consumerism, nothing speaks louder than words than the thought and commitment involved in aContinue reading “Art and Craft: Jewellery Making”

Extra-curricular Activities: Jewellery Making

When I was in┬áPrimary School, my brother and I would walk to school together. One morning, a boy from┬ámy brother’s class saw us together and teased my brother about “walking with his girlfriend”. After that day, my brother never walked to school with me again. Back in those days, boys got teased for doing anythingContinue reading “Extra-curricular Activities: Jewellery Making”