Handwriting Practice: Back to Basics – Correcting Bad Habits

Aristotle has been writing letters and numbers for a while but because practicing writing is so tedious, he hates to do it and his handwriting is atrocious. Figuring that he just needed more practice (and incentives to practice), I got him an exercise book to practice writing letters. It wasn’t until I peeked over hisContinue reading “Handwriting Practice: Back to Basics – Correcting Bad Habits”

Handwriting App: BrightStartApps Pre-K ABC

Our previous handwriting app of choice was iWriteWords by GDIPlus. We liked it because it taught children how to write letters (upper case and lower case) and numbers using the correct strokes in the correct order. Through a guided system, it ensures that children learn to write only using the correct strokes. Through recorded systemContinue reading “Handwriting App: BrightStartApps Pre-K ABC”

More Fun Educational Apps on the iPad and iPhone

I stumbled across a few more cool educational apps for teaching music, geography and science. Here they are… Young Music Genius : Classical Wiz – X5 Music Group AB I’ve always wanted the children to learn music because of all the benefits that can be derived from studying music. Unfortunately, Gavin has already chosen hisContinue reading “More Fun Educational Apps on the iPad and iPhone”

Recommended iPhone and iPad Apps for Preschoolers

In my haste to publish my post on Montessori Apps for the iPhone and iPad, I missed a few other apps that we like. Some of these aren’t Montessori-inspired but the boys enjoy playing with them. Logic (only available for iPad) by PopAppFactory is a game of matching shapes, colours, letters, numbers and pictures andContinue reading “Recommended iPhone and iPad Apps for Preschoolers”

Montessori Apps for iPad and iPhone

I realise that a “Montessori app” is probably a bit of a paradox but there are some really good Montessori inspired apps for the iPhone and iPad that can be used to supplement the learning experiences of your littlest ones. I wouldn’t underestimate the learning power of simply “going through the motions” either as GarethContinue reading “Montessori Apps for iPad and iPhone”

Interactive Books Available on the iPhone and iPad

Last year, I wrote about reader pens for teaching children to read and I contemplated getting one for Gavin. Well I didn’t end up getting one in the end and I’m glad I didn’t because it would have become redundant now that Gavin can read interactive books from the iPad and iPhone. Yup, this isContinue reading “Interactive Books Available on the iPhone and iPad”

Educational iPhone Apps for the Kids

After my recent experience with the iPhone Writing App, I went searching for more iPhone Apps for Gavin. I figured he usurps my phone anyway, so why not let him do something functional rather than reading my SMS messages and taking lots of random photos with my camera function… So these are some of theContinue reading “Educational iPhone Apps for the Kids”

iPhone App Great for Writing Practice

After all those articles about no screen time for under twos, and limited screen time for those above two, I decided that when I got my iPhone 4, I wasn’t going to let the kids handle it.  I would not be downloading any apps for them and they would not be allowed to play onContinue reading “iPhone App Great for Writing Practice”

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