Finding the Sweet Spot of Technology in Education

Continuing on from our previous discussion on screen time… if eyesight isn’t the problem with screen time then what is? What do we need to be aware of and how do we navigate the technology labyrinth? Quality vs Quantity “…the more important concern surrounding the screen-time debate isn’t the time; it’s the quality of the content.” GwennContinue reading “Finding the Sweet Spot of Technology in Education”

First World Problems with the iPad Generation

Firstly, I would like to state that I am not anti-iPad. Far from it. I love it. I think it is one of the most wondrous devices ever conceived. The kids have learned so much from it and they have a lot of fun in the process, too! Best of all, it shuts them upContinue reading “First World Problems with the iPad Generation”

BrillKids: Little Reader, Little Math, Little Musician for Mac Users

If you’re a Mac user, but you’re interested to use the BrillKids Little Reader, Little Math, and Little Musician programs, here’s the good news. You can use the BrillKids software on your Mac: A workaround to this is to use Bootcamp, which is a free multi-boot utility included with Apple’s OS X that assists users in installing Microsoft WindowsContinue reading “BrillKids: Little Reader, Little Math, Little Musician for Mac Users”

iPad Apps: Splash Maths 5th Grade Now Available!

If you read my earlier post on Splash Math, you’ll know how much we love them! Now there is a new Splash Math App with content for 5th Grade Math! Here’s what it covers: Place Value – Numbers up to a Billion; Decimal Place Value; Represent Decimals Number Sense – Compare, order, round numbers; Compare,Continue reading “iPad Apps: Splash Maths 5th Grade Now Available!”

Apps for iPad: Bobo Explores Light

Bobo Explores Light by Game Collage is a fun and entertaining app for the iPad that teaches children about science. Described as a “fully functional science museum for kids 4-12 in the palm of your hand”, this app really takes the cake for making science a fun subject to learn. Bobo Explores Light takes fundamentalContinue reading “Apps for iPad: Bobo Explores Light”

Handwriting Practice: Back to Basics – Correcting Bad Habits

Aristotle has been writing letters and numbers for a while but because practicing writing is so tedious, he hates to do it and his handwriting is atrocious. Figuring that he just needed more practice (and incentives to practice), I got him an exercise book to practice writing letters. It wasn’t until I peeked over hisContinue reading “Handwriting Practice: Back to Basics – Correcting Bad Habits”

Handwriting App: BrightStartApps Pre-K ABC

Our previous handwriting app of choice was iWriteWords by GDIPlus. We liked it because it taught children how to write letters (upper case and lower case) and numbers using the correct strokes in the correct order. Through a guided system, it ensures that children learn to write only using the correct strokes. Through recorded systemContinue reading “Handwriting App: BrightStartApps Pre-K ABC”

More Montessori Apps for the iPad

I know this goes against my plans for less screen time, but I figured playing educational apps on the iPad has to be better than vegetating in front of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathon on TV. Since Gareth has been sick I have relaxed screen time – even for Gavin who has been severely neglectedContinue reading “More Montessori Apps for the iPad”

More Fun Educational Apps on the iPad and iPhone

I stumbled across a few more cool educational apps for teaching music, geography and science. Here they are… Young Music Genius : Classical Wiz – X5 Music Group AB I’ve always wanted the children to learn music because of all the benefits that can be derived from studying music. Unfortunately, Gavin has already chosen hisContinue reading “More Fun Educational Apps on the iPad and iPhone”

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