The Effects of Social Media Influence on Our Children

The following article is a guest post from Jessica Freeman. Jessica Freeman is a blogger and freelance writer from Sydney, Australia. She enjoys covering various topics, from education and technology to motivation and productivity. She also has her own blog where she presents top writing tips. Follow Jessica on Google+ and Twitter. The Internet: allContinue reading “The Effects of Social Media Influence on Our Children”

Parenting in the Age of the Internet

My SIL told me about a movie she watched recently called “Trust“. It made her sick to the core and put her off having children after watching it. After she told me the story, I felt violently ill, too. As a mother, I thought I was going to burst into tears just hearing the story.Continue reading “Parenting in the Age of the Internet”

How to Find Safe and Educational Videos on the Internet

There are a lot of terrific educational videos on the Internet. Unfortunately, it can be time consuming and tedious to search for the good ones. And if you want to make sure it is entirely appropriate for your child, you usually have to watch it through once first before you show it to your child.Continue reading “How to Find Safe and Educational Videos on the Internet”

Great Home Schooling Internet Resources

When I first started homeschooling Gavin (this was before he started playschool at Kinderland), I was searching high and low for useful internet resources that I could use to help me plan his curriculum.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of these sites back then, but I am now, so if you’re homeschooling (or if you wantContinue reading “Great Home Schooling Internet Resources”

Educational Books: Usborne Internet-Linked Books

After getting Gavin the “100 Words I Love Reading Book and CD ROM Pack, I was quite keen to look for the 350 words and 800 words packs.  I went back to Kinokuniya too look for them and was disappointed to find they didn’t have them in stock.  What I did discover, though, was aContinue reading “Educational Books: Usborne Internet-Linked Books”

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