Sprained Ankles and Growing Pains

G2 is my active child. He is always in motion even when he’s engaged in a “sedentary” activity. He can read rolling around and play the iPad with his bottom jiggling to the beat of music only he can hear. “Walk” is not in his vocabulary – only running, skipping, and jumping. He is alsoContinue reading “Sprained Ankles and Growing Pains”

An Accident, An Injury, and Thoughts on Unsupervised Play

So it finally happened… Hercules had an accident. I’m not talking about the minor bumps and bruises that happen all the time. This was a head injury that drew blood. We’ve always known that with the kind of personality that Hercules has, accidents like these will be inevitable (unless we intend to keep him insideContinue reading “An Accident, An Injury, and Thoughts on Unsupervised Play”

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