Art and Craft Activities: Going Offline with Your Child’s Favourite Characters

If you want to foster your creativity, don’t learn to code; learn to paint (Alex Knapp, Forbes): The key to being creative, in any field, be it scientific, technical, or business, in the 21st century definitely requires a certain comfort level in technology. But the best way to harness the power of computers doesn’t reside inContinue reading “Art and Craft Activities: Going Offline with Your Child’s Favourite Characters”

Simple DIY Ninjago Costumes

Most children invariably want to dress up as their favourite super heroes. When you factor in growth and their rapidly changing fancies, this can be quite a costly affair. Recently, my two boys wanted to be ninjas from Ninjago. Or rather, Aristotle wanted to be Lloyd (the green ninja), and by default, whatever big brotherContinue reading “Simple DIY Ninjago Costumes”

The Expressive Arts Activity Book: A Resource for Professionals

This resource comprises a collection of accessible, flexible, tried-and-tested activities for use with people in a range of care settings, to help them explore their knowledge of themselves and to make sense of their experiences. Among the issues addressed by the activities are exploring physical changes, emotional trauma, interpersonal problems and spiritual dilemmas. Featuring individualContinue reading “The Expressive Arts Activity Book: A Resource for Professionals”

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