ArchaeoKidz is Coming to Kidzania!

Parents, if you’re looking for some fun activities for the kids in the upcoming local school holidays, do check ArchaeoKidZ at Kidzania. “ArchaeoKidZ” is part of a variable school-holiday programme where children can experience a series of themed role-play activities linked to history and archaeology. This initiative is aimed at developing historical and archaeological understandingContinue reading “ArchaeoKidz is Coming to Kidzania!”

History Resources: Ancient Egypt and King Tut

Children can derive many benefits from learning history: History provides identity. Studying history improves our decision making and judgment. It shows us models of good and responsible citizenship. History teaches us how to learn from the mistakes of others. It helps us understand change and societal development. History provides us a context from which to understandContinue reading “History Resources: Ancient Egypt and King Tut”

Resources: History for Kids – Free History Network for Kids

Stephen Byrne is a 12 year old boy from Dublin who has created a terrific history resource site for kids. I’m always delighted to see kids that go that extra mile in their pursuit of education so I was only too happy to help out when Stephen wrote to me and asked if I could shareContinue reading “Resources: History for Kids – Free History Network for Kids”

Awesome Educational Apps from Touch Press!

Whoever said that learning was boring? Check out these amazing apps from Touch Press that will give children a up-close and personal experience with science, geography, history, and music… If you want to help you child learn more about the periodic table, the pyramids, inventions, the world, the solar system, the dinosaurs, gems, x-rays, and theContinue reading “Awesome Educational Apps from Touch Press!”

History Resources: Horrible Histories Collection

After getting through The Magic Tree House series, if you want to dig deeper into the historical archives, the Horrible Histories Collection is an entertaining non-fiction series to follow. Written by Terry Deary, the Horrible Histories brings history to live from an interesting and factual perspective. Introduce your child into the world of Horrible Histories with the Blood-CurdlingContinue reading “History Resources: Horrible Histories Collection”

Children’s Books: The Magic Tree House

The Magic Tree House is an interesting series of books written by author Mary Pope Osborne that we recently stumbled upon while searching for the next series of books for G1 to dive into. About the Magic Tree House Brother and sister – Jack and Annie – discover a mysterious tree house filled with booksContinue reading “Children’s Books: The Magic Tree House”

Books for Children: Infinity Ring

Read the book; follow the guide; play the game… Sounded intriguing so I ordered the series – or whatever I could get my hands on (which is basically book 1 and 2 – two of seven books planned that have been published already). We’re still waiting for our books to arrive, but here’s what theContinue reading “Books for Children: Infinity Ring”

Activities: Muzium Negara – National Museum of Malaysia

With Gavin’s interest in dinosaurs on fire, I figured a trip to the museum would help to further his learning experience. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of assuming that there would be dinosaurs at the National Museum of Malaysia, otherwise known as Muzium Negara. In case you’re wondering, there aren’t any. Muzium Negara is aContinue reading “Activities: Muzium Negara – National Museum of Malaysia”

Value Tales: Teaching Your Child About Famous Historical Figures

I’ve been on the hunt again for the old series of Value Tales. My original intention for finding these books was to use them to help me teach Gavin about values, morals and ethics. Since then, we’ve managed to find several other book series that help to meet the same end: Help Me Be GoodContinue reading “Value Tales: Teaching Your Child About Famous Historical Figures”

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