Develop the Child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

From the Heguru Handbook. It doesn’t matter how capable a person is if it is not used for the right purpose. Talents and abilities that are abused and used for the wrong purposes create negative results, such as the development of weapons or the conduct of criminal activities. To avoid the usage of such capabilitiesContinue reading “Develop the Child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ)”

Methods to Build Confidence in Children and Develop their Potential Abilities

From the Heguru Handbook. Confidence is a common characteristic possessed by leaders. To help our children be successful in life, it is important to help them build up their confidence. How can this be done? Parental guidance and encouragement alone is insufficient to help children build confidence. The only way to ensure they develop confidenceContinue reading “Methods to Build Confidence in Children and Develop their Potential Abilities”

Methods to Discover and Develop the Inborn Abilities of Children

Adapted from the Heguru Handbook. It is important to identify and develop the personality strengths of your child. You can do this by observing your child’s ability. Expose your child to a variety of activities and observe which activity allows him to fully immerse himself. If, for example, it is a sport like football, fullyContinue reading “Methods to Discover and Develop the Inborn Abilities of Children”

Enlarge the Container of the Brain

From the Heguru Handbook. In order to harness the potential brain ability of your child, it is important to develop the right brain (subconscious brain) and then to enlarge the brain capacity. The right brain controls image, inspiration, senses, etc. It has the ability to process massive information at high speed and remember them. MostContinue reading “Enlarge the Container of the Brain”

Respect and Recognise the Existence of Your Child

From the Heguru Handbook. Psychologist Alfred Adler performed a number of studies which revealed that the reason why children misbehave is because they are experiencing “their lost sense of self-belonging” and an inability to “exhibit courage”. Children want their existence to be respected and recognised. These are the 4 stages of action that children takeContinue reading “Respect and Recognise the Existence of Your Child”

Understanding the Various Growth Processes

From Heguru Handbook. Most parents are aware that there are specific growth phases during which children are particularly rebellious. They are commonly referred to in parenting books as “The Terrible Threes” and the troublesome teenage years as children reach puberty. In the Heguru handbook, they make reference to three ages that are particularly trying forContinue reading “Understanding the Various Growth Processes”

Nurture Your Child by Observing the Kindness within Them

From the Heguru Handbook. Realise that all children are inherently good. Children do not misbehave just for the sake of misbehaving. There is usually some underlying cause or reason for bad behaviour. As parents, it is important for us to discover the underlying motivation for such behaviours and to correct those. Address these underlying issuesContinue reading “Nurture Your Child by Observing the Kindness within Them”

Nurture Your Child by Adding Points

There are two methods that can used to nurture and develop a child – by adding points and by deducting them. An example of the points deducting method in the working environment would be a boss threatening an employee, “If you fail again, you will be fired!” It takes an individual with a lot ofContinue reading “Nurture Your Child by Adding Points”

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