JR Scientist: The Tumbling Robot

The Tumbling Robot from JR Scientist is an oldie but a goodie – DH has fond memories of it from way back when he was a kid so we decided it would be a cool project for G1 to work on (thanks to HappiKiddo for the JR Scientist Tumbling Robot kit!). About JR. Scientist Tumbling RobotContinue reading “JR Scientist: The Tumbling Robot”

Building Memory and Spatial Intelligence with Jigsaw Puzzles

Playing with jigsaw puzzles have been touted to be beneficial for our brains. Although many of the claims have yet to be substantiated when we conducted our research of the literature, we did find that playing with jigsaw puzzles was good for developing short term memory and visual-spatial ability. Why is short term memory important? Short-term memory acts asContinue reading “Building Memory and Spatial Intelligence with Jigsaw Puzzles”

Magic Garden Crystal Growing Kit

Does anyone remember tinkering with the Magic Garden Crystal Growing Kit when they were growing up? I thought they were so cool. We recently received one from HappiKiddo and I was really excited to share it with the boys… Educational Value Magic Garden Kits are not only fun but they make an awesome science experiment you can do at homeContinue reading “Magic Garden Crystal Growing Kit”

Happikiddo’s New Range of Science Kits for Junior Scientists

Our boys love science experiments so we were delighted to learn that Happikiddo – Mum’s Favourite Shop – now have an awesome new range of science kits for junior scientists. Check them out… JR Scientist The JR Scientist series is created by Elenco, one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of innovative toys and educational science kits. They are well-known forContinue reading “Happikiddo’s New Range of Science Kits for Junior Scientists”

Review: Happikiddo – Mum’s Favourite Shop

Calling All Parents… Whether you are parents to be, new parents, or parents with growing children, Happikiddo is a store you cannot miss… They have everything from maternity wear and diapers to organic baby food and thermal lunch boxes to children’s furniture and educational toys and much, much more. To get an inkling of what this shop is like,Continue reading “Review: Happikiddo – Mum’s Favourite Shop”

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