Sprained Ankles and Growing Pains

G2 is my active child. He is always in motion even when he’s engaged in a “sedentary” activity. He can read rolling around and play the iPad with his bottom jiggling to the beat of music only he can hear. “Walk” is not in his vocabulary – only running, skipping, and jumping. He is alsoContinue reading “Sprained Ankles and Growing Pains”

Behavioural Analysis: From Toddlerhood to Boyhood

Hercules has been behaving out of character lately. Up until now, I have never had to do a differential analysis for the change in his behaviour (unlike Aristotle, who required one at regular intervals since before he was even 1 year old). Aristotle has always been my super-sensitive child that needed careful management at everyContinue reading “Behavioural Analysis: From Toddlerhood to Boyhood”

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