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Supporting Grit Development

In an earlier post, we looked at the activities that help to build grit. In this post, we’re going to explore ways for supporting grit development and gritty behaviours. Just like a personal trainer who helps us work towards our health and fitness goals, we are going to learn how to function like grit trainersContinue reading “Supporting Grit Development”

Grit: the Power of Passion & Perseverance

In every article I have read about the secret to success, it always comes down to this – to truly be successful, we need more than just brainpower. To be more specific, we need some brains – Malcolm Gladwell puts that figure somewhere around an IQ of 120 – and then we need something extra.Continue reading “Grit: the Power of Passion & Perseverance”

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Alongside Carol Dweck, Michael Merzenich, and Barbara Arrowsmith is another brilliantly inspiring researcher I have been following since her TED Talk on Grit – Angela Duckworth. She has devoted much of her work researching grit – the common link between individuals who succeed in all walks of life – and it has been most enlightening. Unfortunately, thereContinue reading “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance”

How to Raise Gritty Kids

Ever since Angela Lee Duckworth’s talk on TED about Grit being the key to success, I’ve been seeing more and more articles on the need to raise gritty kids. While the idea is great, putting it into practice is not quite that simple. Duckworth herself is not entirely certain if grit can be taught, though there are some whoContinue reading “How to Raise Gritty Kids”

Children Praised for Being Smart Do Poorly at School

I have written about Carol Dweck’s work, growth mindsets and grit in previous posts, but I felt a need to revisit this topic after a recent event. G1 was a precocious child and he often invited a lot “smart” praise. The biggest offenders were relatives who would praise him just for breathing. During a recent encounter when G1 wasContinue reading “Children Praised for Being Smart Do Poorly at School”

Grit, Mental Toughness, and Sisu – the Qualities that Separate Excellence from Mediocrity

If you want your children to be successful in life, you need to help them develop grit. In an earlier post on this subject, we touched on some of the ways children can learn to be “gritty”: teaching them about the “growth mindset” giving them opportunities to face adversity But surely there’s got to beContinue reading “Grit, Mental Toughness, and Sisu – the Qualities that Separate Excellence from Mediocrity”

What Your Child Really Needs to be Successful in Life

What’s the real key to success? According to Angela Lee Duckworth, the answer is “grit”. Who is successful and why? In all her research, the answer kept coming back to one quality – grit. I started studying kids and adults in all kinds of super challenging settings, and in every study my question was, whoContinue reading “What Your Child Really Needs to be Successful in Life”