Green Living: Cloth Diaper Pull-Ups

Since I was going green with the new baby, I figured it was time to start doing the same with Gavin. Although he is partially toilet trained during the day, I think it will be quite a while before we get him fully trained overnight. Even now he still pees in his sleep while napping.Continue reading “Green Living: Cloth Diaper Pull-Ups”

Cloth Diapering 202: Types of Cloth Diaper Systems

I’ve just realised that my previous post on cloth diapering is heavily biased towards the types of cloth diaper systems that I was interested in.  Here is a more detailed article on the types of cloth diaper systems available, even the ones that I would never personally consider using. What are the Different Types ofContinue reading “Cloth Diapering 202: Types of Cloth Diaper Systems”

Going Green: Cloth Diapers and Breast Pads

Hubby and I first discussed using cloth diapers when I was pregnant with Gavin.  At that time, I must admit that I was extremely resistant to the idea because I thought it would be messy – especially because the only type of cloth diapers I had ever known were the old-school muslin nappies our parentsContinue reading “Going Green: Cloth Diapers and Breast Pads”

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