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Coming Soon! Glenn Doman – Gymnademics @ JayaOne

The Glenn Doman – Gymnademics (Human Development Center) will soon be opening at Jaya One… What is Gymnademics? Gymnademics is an early enrichment center for children from 4 months to 4 years of age. They adopt a holistic approach to early childhood development by incorporating both intellectual and physical activities in their classes.  The curriculum is built uponContinue reading “Coming Soon! Glenn Doman – Gymnademics @ JayaOne”

Glenn Doman Gentle Revolution Program from The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential

It has come to my attention that some readers have found this blog through a search for the Glenn Doman Gentle Revolution program from The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP). I feel a need to clarify a few things, but first… the grandmother story of how it all began. Learning about the Glenn Doman GentleContinue reading “Glenn Doman Gentle Revolution Program from The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential”

Glenn Doman Teaching Kits for Sale

This is a message from Ms Shoba who posted a comment on this blog: Hello! I’m a mom residing in Selangor. I’m selling 3 boxes of ORIGINAL Glenn Doman kits (reading cards & math dot cards — from GD Baby Resource, not the locally made kits). They’re used, but in very good condition. I believeContinue reading “Glenn Doman Teaching Kits for Sale”

Glenn Doman Teaching Philosophies for Reading

There are several things to keep in mind when following the Glenn Doman flash card method… Keep it fun – always make sure that your child is in a good mood when introducing the cards.  Keep your voice bright and cheerful. If your child is sick, give the program a break and resume when yourContinue reading “Glenn Doman Teaching Philosophies for Reading”

Introducing Glenn Doman to a Baby and a Toddler

This is day 3 since I received the Glenn Doman kits. Gavin’s Program: Math: learning to recognise red dot cards from one to ten (they did say that Gavin was probably too old to be starting this but I thought I’d just give it a go and see how he responds to it first.  Heck! Continue reading “Introducing Glenn Doman to a Baby and a Toddler”

Glenn Doman: How to Teach Your Baby – Part 1

Want to learn more about Right Brain Education, early learning and how maximum your child’s learning potential? Head over to the Right Brain Child. So I finally bit the bullet and decided to buy the Glenn Doman flash card kits for reading, math and something else called “Bits of Intelligence”.  Yes, it was a hefty investment butContinue reading “Glenn Doman: How to Teach Your Baby – Part 1”