Geronimo Stilton Helps Out with Children’s Reading Comprehension

Doman has always said that when it comes to early learning, never to test your childĀ because it is the fastest way to put him off learning. After observing that what Doman said was true, I steered clear of testing for fear of putting my boys off learning. Unfortunately, that also meant I never really knewContinue reading “Geronimo Stilton Helps Out with Children’s Reading Comprehension”

Geronimo Stilton Fans, Eat Your Hearts Out…

I have succumbed to the hollers for more Geronimo Stilton books. Finally bit the bullet and bought the complete collection for the first 50 books. Thankfully Scholastic is having at special program with the school. I figured it would be cheaper this way than to buy each book individually. Geronimo Stilton Collection: Books 1-50

Children’s Books: Geronimo Stilton

I was introduced to this series a couple of years back when I was looking for books for G1. I confess that I spurned the series because I felt it a literary inferior to my son’s reading capabilities. How would I know that in a couple of years I would be buying this series forContinue reading “Children’s Books: Geronimo Stilton”

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