Right Brain Games

I stand corrected.  In an earlier post, I said that Makoto Shichida was the father of right brain education.  I apologise for misquoting because that’s not exactly true.  The father of right brain is Glenn Doman.  I do recall someone mentioning to me that Glenn Doman didn’t believe in the right brain. Having read someContinue reading “Right Brain Games”

VTech V. Smile: Thomas and Friends – Engines Working Together

I know I shouldn’t have – but I did… I bought Gavin the V.Smile TV Learning System with the Thomas and Friends Engines Working Together game.  After my disastrous attempt to purchase the download rights to the other Thomas and Friends PC games, I figured I would play it safe and buy something I couldContinue reading “VTech V. Smile: Thomas and Friends – Engines Working Together”

Thomas and Friends: The Great Festival Adventure

Ever since I bought Thomas And Friends: Special Delivery for Gavin, he has enjoyed playing the game so much that I decided to look for more Thomas and Friends computer game titles.  Although I managed to find four other Thomas and Friends pc games, they haven’t been very easy to get hold of because theyContinue reading “Thomas and Friends: The Great Festival Adventure”

Early Childhood Educational Resources

After my research on various Early Childhood Education programs, I’ve finally decided on a program that captures elements from the Montessori Method and the Wink/TwiddleWink Program which, as far as I understand, is the midway point between the Glenn Doman Method and the Makota Shichida Method. To help me implement my program, I have securedContinue reading “Early Childhood Educational Resources”

Milo Cereal Animal World PC Games

I saw these at Jaya Jusco in The Alpha Angle: Nestle has a special promotion including a free PC game with their children’s breakfast cereals.  The box of cereal was also on special at about RM7.50 (or thereabouts) – which is about a dollar off the regular price. Since Gavin loves eating Milo cereal, IContinue reading “Milo Cereal Animal World PC Games”

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