Apps: Amazing Alex – Problem Solving and Physics

I confess I wasn’t crazy about Amazing Alex¬†when Aristotle first told me he wanted to download this app. I eventually let him “buy” it using his pocket money as a reward. Now that I’ve had a chance to watch the game in action and play a little of it myself, I think it’s a reallyContinue reading “Apps: Amazing Alex – Problem Solving and Physics”

MightyMind Tiles

Extra design tiles Contains the identical 32 colorful and durable design tiles 6 basic shapes, 4 colors, large and small sizes Keeps kids busy for hours Ages 3+ Extend the fun of Mighty Mind, or SuperMind so more than one child can play. Comes with 32 colored design blocks in a pop-up box, or cottonContinue reading “MightyMind Tiles”

Mini-Mighty Mind Ages 3-8 (#40104)

Beginner Tangram Puzzle Beginner Puzzle Game Ages 4-8 (#40104) Nothing starts kids thinking like simple, challenging puzzles that they can transform into familiar objects. Mini-Mighty Mind is a limited edition of the international 5-Star rated award winning bestseller basic Mighty Mind. Mini-Mighty Mind provides hours of entertaining fun as it gently challenges children to thinkContinue reading “Mini-Mighty Mind Ages 3-8 (#40104)”

Magnetic Mighty Mind

30 sturdy puzzle board cards show children how to build and solve puzzles Organized and programmed in numerical sequence All items are enclosed in a handy storage tin. Ideal for travel. Perfect for ages 3 to 8 years old MightyMind, the award winning, highest rated 5-Star activity set is now magnetic. Contains 32 proportional designContinue reading “Magnetic Mighty Mind”

Mighty Mind

Award winning child development activity puzzle Kids learn about visual and spatial relationships Features 30 tangram like cards Easy to handle and made of plastic Contains 32 colorful pieces MIGHTYMIND MAKES KIDS SMARTER – A play alone activity for Ages 3-8. This winner of the Parents’ Choice Honor Toy keeps kids busy for hours. MightyMindContinue reading “Mighty Mind”

Apps: Brain Games – How to Train Your Dragon

Aristotle is really into dragons lately – especially How to Train Your Dragon. Like everything else he discovers a passion for, he’s been going after all things Dragon – from the movie to the How to Train Your Dragon book series by Cressida Cowell and anything else he can get his hot little hands on.Continue reading “Apps: Brain Games – How to Train Your Dragon”

Activities: Felt Board and Sticky Board

Since I didn’t want to wreck the paint on our new walls, here’s what I came up with: It’s basically a large piece of cardboard (purchased from Art Friend in The Gardens, Midvalley for RM19) with sheets of red felt (from Daiso @ RM5 a sheet – I used 3) stuck onto it with doubleContinue reading “Activities: Felt Board and Sticky Board”

Play 10 Free Kindle Games (The Ultimate Game Guide Series)

The Kindle as portable online gaming platform? Online gaming has become a true phenomenon of the online experience and has spawned many different styles of games. Table of Content – Introduction – Game list – Memory – FifteenPuzzle – Chess – Canvas Rider – VII – BoredBoredBored – Sand Trap – Solitairey – Classic SolitaireContinue reading “Play 10 Free Kindle Games (The Ultimate Game Guide Series)”

Teach Your Child How to Read a Map: The Treasure Hunt Game

Aristotle and I have been playing a new game recently. Aristotle calls it “treasure hunt”. It was inspired by a treasure hunt game he played at school although the details he shared with me were kinda vague. He was so excited about it that he came home and drew his own map complete with kelpContinue reading “Teach Your Child How to Read a Map: The Treasure Hunt Game”

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