Apps: Fizzy’s Lunch Lab Fresh Pick by PBS Kids

This is another really fun Math app for kids that is both entertaining and educational. Best of all, it’s free! Fizzy’s Lunch Lab Fresh Pick by PBS Kids What is this app about? Created by PBS Kids, Fizzy’s Lunch Lab Fresh Pick is an app designed to teach children Math in an engaging way usingContinue reading “Apps: Fizzy’s Lunch Lab Fresh Pick by PBS Kids” Launches “Brainzy” Educational Games

Successful kids have a strong foundation in the 3Rs. As part of our month’s focus on the 3R’s, we will be featuring reading (don’t miss our Little Reader Coupon giveaway!), writing and math programs for kids. This one’s dedicated to early literacy… has launched a new program – Brainzy! Brainzy is an online, game-basedContinue reading “ Launches “Brainzy” Educational Games”

Board Games: Rumis

Two whole days spent cooped up indoors had the boys tearing the walls down with restlessness. Thankfully, Aristotle found a myriad of ways to keep himself pleasantly occupied so all I had to deal with was the occasional bickering and Hercules’ usual mischief (like painting poop on my wall, drawing on my chair, and stuffingContinue reading “Board Games: Rumis”

Spelling Games: Boggle Slam Variation

Aristotle has really been enjoying his card games. When I introduced Boggle Slam, it was slow going and a bit boring so I decided to spice it up a little by modifying the rules. The new rules are essentially the same as Upwords without the board. New Rules for Boggle Slam Upwords! We begin with aContinue reading “Spelling Games: Boggle Slam Variation”

Apps: Cluedo – Logical Reasoning, Analytical Ability, and Problem Solving

When I was little, I loved playing the game Cluedo. Back then, it was a board game. Now, there is a card game edition which is simpler and faster to play. So when I started introducing Aristotle to the good old fashioned games of my youth, we started playing Clue – Suspect and he really enjoyedContinue reading “Apps: Cluedo – Logical Reasoning, Analytical Ability, and Problem Solving”

Good Old Fashioned Games

Aristotle’s school is doing a theme on toys – specifically: old-fashioned toys. You know… the kind we used to play when we were kids. So we’ve been playing a few “new” oldies ourselves… We’ve moved off Dinosaur Chess and onto a real chessboard: We chose a magnetic set so we could take it along with us, or “pause theContinue reading “Good Old Fashioned Games”

Geography Apps: The 39 Clues – Vesper Hunt

Sometime back, we were looking for Geography apps like the old Carmen Sandiego Game. Recently, we stumbled on a free app by Scholastic called The 39 Clues – Vesper Hunt. It is a game that is part of the Scholastic book series with the same title – The 39 Clues and can be played online orContinue reading “Geography Apps: The 39 Clues – Vesper Hunt”

Apps: Splash Money by Study Pad

Study Pad (creators of Splash Math) has a new app – Splash Money. We’re always on the lookout for fun games and activities to teach children about money because we believe financial education for children is important. One of the first steps to learning about managing money is learning about how to count coins and bills. That’sContinue reading “Apps: Splash Money by Study Pad”

Books for Children: Infinity Ring

Read the book; follow the guide; play the game… Sounded intriguing so I ordered the series – or whatever I could get my hands on (which is basically book 1 and 2 – two of seven books planned that have been published already). We’re still waiting for our books to arrive, but here’s what theContinue reading “Books for Children: Infinity Ring”

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