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Fossil Dig from the Ice Age!

When G1 was little, he was mad about dinosaurs. One of the activities he really enjoyed was digging for dinosaur fossil. We used to use fossil digging kits back then but they were costly and messy. Perhaps because of that, we never really did this activity with G2… Digging Dinosaurs from the Ice Age! AtContinue reading “Fossil Dig from the Ice Age!”

Review: Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Kits

Since Gavin’s mad obsession with dinosaurs, we have tried three different dinosaur fossil excavation kits and this is what we think… Dinosaur Dig by Edu-Science This was the first one we tried. We bought it from Toys ‘R’ Us and costs RM56.95. The plastic bones are set in plaster of Paris (I know it doesn’tContinue reading “Review: Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Kits”