Nutrition: Boosting Brain Power

I was flipping through an old copy of Oxygen that belonged to my SIL2 when I stumbled across an article that talked about 8 different foods that boost brain power. Well, what’s good for us can also be good for the children, so here are 8 foods you should consider adding to your child’s dietContinue reading “Nutrition: Boosting Brain Power”

Extra-Curricular Activities: Young Chef’s Academy

Our second trial activity was a cooking class at Young Chef’s Academy (the first was a gymnastics class at Fly Kidz). Since Gavin loves cooking, I figured this would be a hit for him and it was – sort of. Here are the details… Young Chef’s Academy is an American franchise. They offer cooking classesContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: Young Chef’s Academy”

School Holiday Activities: Marche's Cooking Classes

My apologies for sending out the wrong link to Marche’s school holiday cooking classes previously…  I finally managed to stop by and pick up a schedule and these are the cooking classes available until Dec 31, 2010: Fresh Sandwich Making: 6 Dec – 10 Dec (2-4pm) Fruiti Tutti Pizza Making: 13 Dec – 17 DecContinue reading “School Holiday Activities: Marche's Cooking Classes”

Marche's Cooking Class

Finding things to occupy an active 3 year old during a week-long school holiday break can be quite challenging, especially when you have an infant in tow who is just beginning to find his wheels but isn’t quite old enough to participate in anything constructive.  The cooking class that was being held at Marche’s inContinue reading “Marche's Cooking Class”

Flashcards: Food and Beverages – Part 2

This series of flashcards contains more words (and pictures) on food and beverages. How to use the slides: I used to recommend a blog post I wrote some time back titled “How to Teach Your Baby (the Glenn Doman way)” as described in the book “How to Teach Your Baby to Read” by Glenn Doman. Continue reading “Flashcards: Food and Beverages – Part 2”

Teachable Moments: Healthy Diet Pyramid

I’ve been trying very hard to get Gavin to eat more healthy foods.  This has been one uphill battle for me since our household isn’t exactly renown for healthy eating.  There’s just too much junk food around the house…  I guess this is one of the down-sides of extended family living (unless the entire familyContinue reading “Teachable Moments: Healthy Diet Pyramid”

Toddler Bowel Movements: Interesting Cure for Constipation

Warning: detailed and graphic explanations in this post about fecal matter. Over the past month or so, Gavin has been having a bit of trouble with constipation.  I first realised that there was a problem when I wiped his anus and saw a spot of blood on the tissue.  After that, we experienced a seriesContinue reading “Toddler Bowel Movements: Interesting Cure for Constipation”

How to Get Your Fussy Eater to Eat

If I thought novelty sandwiches were a big deal, that was because I had never seen these: Although my SIL2’s been into the whole bento lunch box thing for a while, I never knew just how creative it could get until I saw pictures on a friend’s Facebook site.  Yes, she made those forContinue reading “How to Get Your Fussy Eater to Eat”

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