Cooking Sessions with a Cordon Bleu Chef

My SIL, the chef, recently came back from Australia for a visit.  Whenever she visits, she’s always cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  I think Gavin really enjoys her visits because she entertains his whims and allows him to “help” her cook even if it means it takes her twice as long to doContinue reading “Cooking Sessions with a Cordon Bleu Chef”

Homeschool Week 6: Activities from the Previous Week

Last week was not a great week in terms of being active, but here’s a brief overview of the things we did… We went to Playland – twice!  Gavin is really starting to enjoy his visits here and often asks to go whenever he recognises that we’re in the shopping mall where the “playground” is. Continue reading “Homeschool Week 6: Activities from the Previous Week”

Home Schooling – Cooking Class: French Toast

Since we never got around to attending that trial cooking class at Steps Ahead Learners, I decided to run my own “cooking class” at home.  Admitedly, I stole the idea from what little I had observed going on in the cooking class that was in progress when we first walked into Steps Ahead Learners.  TheContinue reading “Home Schooling – Cooking Class: French Toast”

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