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Flashcards: Things at Home

Looking for more flashcards? Check out our Free Flashcards Resource Page. As recommended by Mel, I have added a tab under “Articles” in the “Menu” bar at the top of this blog titled “Early Childhood Education”.  It lists all the permalinks to the blog posts with flashcards.  I will be updating the page each timeContinue reading “Flashcards: Things at Home”

Flashcards: Musical Instruments

The flashcards I have been uploading are flashcards created according to the Glenn Doman reading kit.  Although I have the reading kit, I made these cards to supplement the reading kit because I found there were a lot of words that Gareth didn’t know anything about.  For instance, I was trying to teach him howContinue reading “Flashcards: Musical Instruments”

Flashcards: Fruits and Vegetables

Looking for more flashcards? Check out our Free Flashcards Resource Page. Flashcards for common fruits and vegetables… For a guideline on how to use the slides, I recommend you check out my blog posts on How to Teach Your Baby (the Glenn Doman way) or you can read the book “How to Teach Your BabyContinue reading “Flashcards: Fruits and Vegetables”

Flashcards on DVD – Is it Worth Pursuing?

Lately, I’ve been trying to teach Gavin how to read.  In addition to his already extensive library of educational DVDs, I have recently added Dr Robert Titzer’s “Your Baby Can Read” series. To be quite honest, I’m not really holding my breath with the flash card method of teaching Gavin.  I’ve tried making my ownContinue reading “Flashcards on DVD – Is it Worth Pursuing?”

Right Brain Kids – Tweedle Wink DVD Series

I mentioned some time back that I ordered some educational resources over the internet which included the Tweedle Wink educational DVD series from Right Brain Kids.  We finally got the DVDs and I started Gavin on them a few weeks back.  Here is a little bit more about it: Before I tell you about theContinue reading “Right Brain Kids – Tweedle Wink DVD Series”

Early Childhood Education: Fun with Words

Our renewed effort with the flashcards lasted for a while before Gavin grew bored again so I decided to modify the program and tailor it to his interest.  Here’s what we did… I went back to the tried and tested favourite topic – Thomas and Friends.  I made 20 cards with the names of charactersContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: Fun with Words”

Early Childhood Education: Glenn Doman Tips for Flashcard Use

Looking for more flashcards? Check out our Free Flashcards Resource Page. Since around about November last year, I’ve been dabbling with flash cards using my own homemade ones on Powerpoint (you can read about them here – alphabets, colours 1, colours 2, numbers).  If you click back to my old posts, you’ll notice that allContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: Glenn Doman Tips for Flashcard Use”