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BrillKids’ Little Reader Version 3 – Better than Ever!

If you’ve been wondering about the dearth of new Little Reader flash cards being released, it’s because we’ve been busy beta testing the newest and latest version of BrillKid’s Little Reader – Version 3. If you already have Little Reader, you can go upgrade your copy now (all BrillKids’ license holders get free upgrades to theContinue reading “BrillKids’ Little Reader Version 3 – Better than Ever!”

Flash Cards: Types of Rocks

Gavin’s latest interest is the Magic School Bus series. The last time he’s been this obsessed with anything was Thomas and Friends. I suppose if he was going to get obsessed about anything, I should be glad it is the Magic School Bus which is educational in nature. Last night, we read The Magic SchoolContinue reading “Flash Cards: Types of Rocks”

Glenn Doman Teaching Kits for Sale

This is a message from Ms Shoba who posted a comment on this blog: Hello! I’m a mom residing in Selangor. I’m selling 3 boxes of ORIGINAL Glenn Doman kits (reading cards & math dot cards — from GD Baby Resource, not the locally made kits). They’re used, but in very good condition. I believeContinue reading “Glenn Doman Teaching Kits for Sale”

Early Childhood Education – Flash Card Learning Update

Quite some time back I bought Gavin a whole series of early childhood education DVDs with the intention of starting him on a home schooling program.  Although we ended up going the way of the playschool, I’m glad to say we still use the DVDs. Gavin’s initial response to the material wasn’t quite as hotContinue reading “Early Childhood Education – Flash Card Learning Update”

Early Childhood Education: The Shichida Method

The further I research the topic of Early Childhood Education, it seems the more uncertain I am about which direction to head towards.  I had heard about the Shichida Method from a friend but knew very little about it except that it was a flashcard method of teaching infants – or so I thought.  ItContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: The Shichida Method”

Early Childhood Education: The Gentle Revolution

Since I started down the road of homeschooling Gavin, I’ve been hearing about a lot of early childhood educational programs that have left my head spinning.  Uncertain about which way to proceed, I’ve decided to take a closer look at these programs. Here is a list of some of the ones I’ve heard about (ifContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: The Gentle Revolution”