Ready Steady Go Kids!

Physical activity has been linked to many benefits for the developing child: it makes them smarter it can predict academic achievement it’s good for the brain it helps with emotional wellbeing it helps children develop social skills it’s good for overall health Declining Levels of Physical Activity in Children Unfortunately, for various reasons, there hasContinue reading “Ready Steady Go Kids!”

Mark Making and Emergent Writing: Supporting Writing at Home

Although there is more to education than the 3 Rs, reading, writing and arithmetic have long been considered the basic foundation to a successful education. Of the 3 Rs, writing has often been the area that we have trouble encouraging the boys with. Many parents tell me it’s a “boy thing” so we’ve employed all manner of ways to encourage handwriting practice. HereContinue reading “Mark Making and Emergent Writing: Supporting Writing at Home”

LEGO Benefits Children in Many Ways

LEGO is a toy that spans generations. As children, we’ve played with LEGO, and now we hand the baton over to our children. Well, some of us anyway. Others remain big kids in the LEGO world. There have been complaints that LEGO is no longer the toy that we grew up with because the sets areContinue reading “LEGO Benefits Children in Many Ways”

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