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Real World Preparation – Developing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

When I think about education for children, I think about preparing them for the world at large. One way to prepare them is to help them develop the entrepreneurial spirit because there is a lot they can learn from this experience, including but not limited to: how to set goals recognising opportunities financial literacy creativityContinue reading “Real World Preparation – Developing the Entrepreneurial Spirit”

Teaching Children about Money: PlayMoolah

Some time back, Aristotle took his first baby steps into the world of entrepreneurialism when he opened his own cookie stand for half a day. I encouraged him wholeheartedly when he first broached the idea of running a store to make money because I believe that financial education should be an integral part of ourContinue reading “Teaching Children about Money: PlayMoolah”

Financial Education: Lessons in Running a Store

Why would you want to expose a child to the world of business so early? Well, because there are a lot of lessons that children can learn from running a store. Even for a young child, this experience can be very enriching. Briefly, here are just some of what they can learn: communication presentation salesContinue reading “Financial Education: Lessons in Running a Store”