Resources: Teaching the Kids Financial Literacy

If education is about preparing children for the world at large then financial literacy must be an important part of that. According to Warren Buffett: Most parents know how important it is to teach kids about money and managing it properly. There was a study many years ago questioning how to predict business success laterContinue reading “Resources: Teaching the Kids Financial Literacy”

Apps: Financial Education – Green Streets

Our society programs us to be spendthrift. We are encourage to squander our money on frivolous items on a whim or fancy. Never has financial education for our children been more important than today where even children are bombarded with advertising tailor-made for their eyes and ears. So we are constantly on the lookout forContinue reading “Apps: Financial Education – Green Streets”

Apps: Jurassic Park Builder

A little while back, Aristotle’s uncle introduced him to the app – Jurassic Park Builder. After playing it on his uncle’s iPad for a while, he begged me to download the app for him onto ours. What is Jurassic Park Builder? Those of you who play SimCity, or have ever played it back in theContinue reading “Apps: Jurassic Park Builder”

Apps: Splash Money by Study Pad

Study Pad (creators of Splash Math) has a new app – Splash Money. We’re always on the lookout for fun games and activities to teach children about money because we believe financial education for children is important. One of the first steps to learning about managing money is learning about how to count coins and bills. That’sContinue reading “Apps: Splash Money by Study Pad”

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