Summer Holidays – Beating the Summer Slide

When kids don’t read, work math problems, or aren’t engaged in other learning experiences, not only does their education not continue, it can regress. This problem usually occurs when kids don’t get opportunities to learn over the long summer holidays. It can result in these children coming back to school at a disadvantage. This decline isContinue reading “Summer Holidays – Beating the Summer Slide”

Let’s Read a Book Together

No matter what book G1 is currently reading, I find he still enjoys sitting in on my reading sessions with G2… Lately, G2 has developed a fondness a series of books by Melanie Watt – Scaredy Squirrel. Since we don’t have any Scaredy Squirrel books at home, G1 has been obliging his brother by borrowing a newContinue reading “Let’s Read a Book Together”

Sights and Sounds: Pulau Pangkor

We took the boys to Pulau Pangkor for a bit of R&R and to celebrate their grandfather’s 60th birthday. As we all know, play is good for our children (the big kids too!) so our fun in the sun was a perfect chance to romp around in the sand and waves. It was quite an adventure forContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: Pulau Pangkor”

Activities: Art Jamming for Kids and Adults!

There are two fantastic art jamming workshops on this weekend at Seni Gallery @Seni Mont’ Kiara! Saturday 30 March (2-5pm) Join Orkibal (veteran character designer and children’s book illustrator) to create your own character on a 42x60cm canvas with acrylic paints. Cost: RM80 per person (art materials and light refreshments included) Sunday 31 March (2-5pm)Continue reading “Activities: Art Jamming for Kids and Adults!”

Books: Family Fun – Search and Find Activity Books

Some time back, my cousin gave us these lovely Search and Find activity books published by Hinkler: When we first got them, Hercules was a little too young to appreciate them so I put them away. I recently dug them out so that Aristotle, Hercules and I could work on it together. The books areContinue reading “Books: Family Fun – Search and Find Activity Books”

Family Venues – Publika Shopping Mall

Since Hercules’ had his trial classes at The Curious Academy, I’ve been trying to find ways to increase his physical engagement. I used to take him to various parks in the morning but (call me paranoid) after hearing all those kidnapping and snatch cases, I haven’t really been game to do it alone. I’ve beenContinue reading “Family Venues – Publika Shopping Mall”

Flashcards: Members of the Family

The flashcards in this series are of the members in a family plus a few other words relating to families, like hug, love and kiss.  I have left the pictures blank because I’ve used pictures of various members in our family to depict the various relationships.  They say it is always best when you useContinue reading “Flashcards: Members of the Family”

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