Children’s Eye Care: Testing for Hyperopia

When Aristotle was 3 years old, we had him tested for Amblyopia (better known as “lazy eye”). So now that Hercules is 3 years old, we figured it was time for him to get an eye check up as well. Since hubby has Hyperopia (better known as “long sightedness”) and Amblyopia, and I have Myopia (“shortContinue reading “Children’s Eye Care: Testing for Hyperopia”

Children’s Eye Care: Testing for Amblyopia

Since Gavin was little, we have been concerned about the possibility of him developing lazy eye. It was a cause for concern because both his uncle and father have lazy eye. Hubby’s lazy eye was detected late and as a result it was not corrected. The information back then was that lazy eye had toContinue reading “Children’s Eye Care: Testing for Amblyopia”

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