Extra-Curricular Activities: Bentley Music Academy

See also: The Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument Why You Should Send Your Child for Music Lessons How Playing a Musical Instrument Alters the Brain Music Resources Gavin has been really keen on the Angry Birds Rio movie lately, particularly the music. He’s been singing “Real in Rio” and pretending to play imaginary drumsContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: Bentley Music Academy”

Extra-Curricular Activities: Monster Tennis

Update! Monster Tennis has moved! They are now located at: D1-G3-3A Solaris Dutamas 1 Jalan Dutamas 1 50480, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Tel +6012 366 7880 See Also: Why Tennis is the Best First Sport Gavin attendedĀ a trial class at Monster TennisĀ as part of my school holiday exposure program. Of all the activities I have suggestedContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: Monster Tennis”

Extra-Curricular Activities: The Value of Art Classes

After hearing about The Studio @ KL through a friend and seeing the kind of paintings her daughter has been painting, I was inspired to give Gavin a go… Gavin, too, has been pestering me to set up his trial class. The Studio@KL Update! The Studio@KL has moved. It is still located in Publika (SolarisContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: The Value of Art Classes”

Extra-Curricular Activities: Young Chef’s Academy

Our second trial activity was a cooking class at Young Chef’s Academy (the first was a gymnastics class at Fly Kidz). Since Gavin loves cooking, I figured this would be a hit for him and it was – sort of. Here are the details… Young Chef’s Academy is an American franchise. They offer cooking classesContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: Young Chef’s Academy”

School, Tuition, Extracurricular Activities – Too Much or Too Little?

I read an article about Hong Kong’s Tiger Parents. I know a lot of Asian parents push their child hard when it comes to academics because there is a lot of competition to get into good schools. We want the best for our children and we want them to have an advantage over their peers,Continue reading “School, Tuition, Extracurricular Activities – Too Much or Too Little?”

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