Review: Trinity San Yu (Mandarin Program)

I am generally a proponent of allowing the children to choose what they want to do for their extra-curricular activities, but there is one subject I cannot compromise on – Mandarin. Having grown up all my life being shamed for my lack of Chinese-speaking skills, this is one “sin of the mother” that I cannotContinue reading “Review: Trinity San Yu (Mandarin Program)”

Extra-Curricular Activities: Rollerblading at Roller Sports

Some two years back, I took G1 to have a whirl at ice skating. Halfway around the rink, I discovered what a terrible idea it was. One bit of advice we got from the ice skating coach was to try rollerblading first because it is a little easier than ice skating. So here we are… Rollerblading / Inline SkatingContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: Rollerblading at Roller Sports”

Extra-Curricular Activities: Z-Fencing

For his first trial of fencing, I took Gavin to Z-Fencing in Bangsar Shopping Complex. They offer 15 minute trial lessons for free and accept children as young as 4 years old. I didn’t get to observe much of what was happening because Gareth was tired so I took him out to nurse. From whatContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: Z-Fencing”

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