What Age Should My Child Learn to Play a Musical Instrument or Chess?

After going on and on about the benefits of learning a musical instrument: The Wondrous Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument How Learning a Musical Instrument Enhances Our Brains And how playing chess develops the brain and enhances academic performance: How Playing Chess Develops the Brain Academic Benefits of Playing Chess I was finally asked byContinue reading “What Age Should My Child Learn to Play a Musical Instrument or Chess?”

Choosing Extra-Curricular Activities for Your Child

In an era of technology, screens, and physical inactivity, encouraging your child to pursue an extra-curricular activity can offer him a welcomed diversion. Extra-curricular activities offer many benefits and advantages to children, however, choosing one can be a daunting task. So how do you decide? Follow Your Child’s Lead Obviously, the best way to chooseContinue reading “Choosing Extra-Curricular Activities for Your Child”

Extra-Curricular Activities: Ice Skating at the Royale Bintang Ice Skating Rink

I took Aristotle ice skating recently. We went to the new ice skating rink at the Royale Bintang Damansara Hotel near eCurve. Firstly, I have to say that I ought to be pleased he was so amenable to the suggestion in the first place since he isn’t really the kind of child that is eager toContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: Ice Skating at the Royale Bintang Ice Skating Rink”

Extra-Curricular Activities: Other Sports Activities – Rock Climbing and Martial Arts

See Also: Martial Arts and Self-Defense for Children How Rock Climbing Benefits Children Rock Climbing There are two that I looked at: Camp5 Madmonkeyz If you know how to climb, it is a simple matter of turning up at either of these places and teaching your child to climb. However, if you are interested inContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: Other Sports Activities – Rock Climbing and Martial Arts”

Extra-Curricular Activities: Speech and Drama

See Also: The benefits of Speech and Drama Gavin is back at school, so it looks like we won’t be getting around to the rest of the extra-curricular classes we were planning to try out during his school holidays. Since he finishes school later now and he will be having ECAs at school, I figured heContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: Speech and Drama”

Extra-Curricular Activities: Golf

When I was pregnant with Gareth, hubby and I used to joke about turning our baby into a professional sportsperson since all it takes is one grand slam and some savvy investment planning and you are pretty much set for life. We chose golf because of all the major sports, it was the least “damaging”Continue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: Golf”

Extra-Curricular Activities: Children’s Technology Workshop (The X-Factory)

Update! The Children’s Technology Workshop has been re-branded. It is now called The X Factory. They have two outlets: Bangsar Village II (as per the details below) Great Eastern Mall On Saturday, I took Gavin for a trial class at the Children’s Technology Workshop in Bangsar Village II. He attended the Apprentice Engineer workshop. IContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: Children’s Technology Workshop (The X-Factory)”

Extra-Curricular Activities: Fly Kidz Gymnastics

Since Gavin will be on extended holidays before starting at his new school, I decided to take the opportunity to send him for a variety of trial classes to give him some exposure to new experiences. The purpose is three-fold: broaden his experiences add some variety in his daily routine help him discover his passionContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: Fly Kidz Gymnastics”

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