Science Experiments: DIY Volcano

Science is not only an important subject for kids to learn but it can also be extremely fun for the family to learn together – especially when you’re working with experiments of an explosive nature… One of the simplest science experiments that kids love to do is the volcano science experiment. Here’s how you can do it atContinue reading “Science Experiments: DIY Volcano”

Simple Science: Magic Cornflour Mud, Oobleck, and Non-Newtonian Fluids

Borrowed another idea from G2’s class yesterday… Magic Cornflour Mud The recipe I borrowed from Scientific American: 1 1/2 cup cornstarch 1 cup cold water Food colouring The intention was to make brown mud, but what d’ya know… I bought two bottles of blue food colouring instead of one blue and one yellow. Since I only hadContinue reading “Simple Science: Magic Cornflour Mud, Oobleck, and Non-Newtonian Fluids”

Simple Science: pH Indicators, Acids and Bases with Red Cabbage

Any experiment with colour is always a sure winner. If it has changing colours, even better… So when I saw this pH experiment kit, I couldn’t resist. This is another experiment by Denjiro that I bought from Japan. Like our Solar Car, the instructions were entirely in Japanese but between the pictures and what I could recall fromContinue reading “Simple Science: pH Indicators, Acids and Bases with Red Cabbage”

Science Apps: Exploring Space and a Science Lab

Some cool science apps that recently came to our attention… Junior Astronaut – Breaking Through the Space Barrier This is an app somewhat reminiscent of Bobo Explores Light, except that this one explores the science of motion and forces. In Junior Astronaut, children are taught: The early development of rockets and gunpowder Air resistance, drag and aerodynamics Mass,Continue reading “Science Apps: Exploring Space and a Science Lab”

Simple Science: Awesome Coloured Milk Experiment!

There’s a really cool experiment on Science Alert that I tried with the boys recently. It’s so easy and so visually impressive that it’s almost criminal to sit this one out. It’s not often that you come across an experiment that makes such an impact and doesn’t require any fancy materials or equipment… Here’s what you need:Continue reading “Simple Science: Awesome Coloured Milk Experiment!”

Simple Science Activity: Lava Lamps

G2 made a lava lamp at school and got to bring it home… He had so much fun with it that he wanted to play with it at home again… Make Your Own Lava Lamp This is really a very easy experiment to do at home. All you need is: an empty bottle vegetable oil waterContinue reading “Simple Science Activity: Lava Lamps”

Simple Science Activity: Dry Ice Smoke Rings and Bubbles

Continuing on from our previous dry ice experiments – this is what you get when your sons have a geeky aunt… Read this! Dry ice safety information: direct skin contact with dry ice causes the same damage as a heat burn – always use protective gloves when handling dry ice keep the room well ventilated because carbonContinue reading “Simple Science Activity: Dry Ice Smoke Rings and Bubbles”

Simple Science Activity: Let’s Make Clouds!

For a fun science activity at home, it doesn’t get easier than this… Daddy and the boys “made clouds” with a little bit of dry ice and water. The insert picture is just a microwave oven lid with holes for the vents. Get inspired here – 2 pounds of dry ice + sink full ofContinue reading “Simple Science Activity: Let’s Make Clouds!”

Activities: Inspiring the Budding Scientist

The boys fancy themselves as little scientists… With a bit of food dye, some water, a couple of plastic beakers, an eye dropper and some test tubes and you can play “mad scientist” pretty easily and safely. If you want some all-in-one kits for some imaginative science play, these work pretty well: Learning Resources Primary Science Mix and Measure SetContinue reading “Activities: Inspiring the Budding Scientist”

Science Resources: Science Kits by Science Wiz

Oh my, oh my! How fun it is to be a child in this generation. I stumbled across another range of interesting science kits by Science Wiz while browsing through Borders. Check them out… About Science Wiz The award winning ScienceWiz line started in 1995 when with the release of their first title ScienceWiz Electricity. This cool line ofContinue reading “Science Resources: Science Kits by Science Wiz”

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