Going Back to Basics Because Less Can Be More

When a thought leads to another and another and another… My SIL has two cats who are her babies. They are uncannily “human” in the way they behave and respond to her and to various familiar faces. In fact, they respond so appropriately that it seems at times like they understand what we’re saying when we talk to themContinue reading “Going Back to Basics Because Less Can Be More”

The Greatest Education Our Children Will Ever Receive

In an earlier post, I wrote about exploring giftedness – Is my child gifted? So what if he is? In a bid to understand more about giftedness, I started watching a documentary series titled: “My Brilliant Brain“. In Part 1 – Born Genius  (click the link to read my summary), they highlighted one of the biggest hurdles that childContinue reading “The Greatest Education Our Children Will Ever Receive”

The Experience of Second Time Motherhood

I’ve always maintained that children have such individual personalities that it is sometimes unfair to make blanket comments over their behaviours and developmental progress.  I have also been aware that the differences even between siblings can be so different that parenting for the second time can be a completely new experience.  Yet, despite being a believerContinue reading “The Experience of Second Time Motherhood”

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