Activities: MegaKidz (Jungle Gym)

With Aristotle on holidays and the boys tearing up the house, I thought it was a good idea to unleash them at a jungle gym. Although MegaKidz at Midvalley Megamall has been around for eons, we have never been there before. What’s it like and is it worth checking out? Here’s what we saw… Facilities:Continue reading “Activities: MegaKidz (Jungle Gym)”

Shichida Relaxation Exercise: Energy Balls

In the Shichida home practice guide, there is a relaxation exercise called the “energy balls” which you are required to do with your child before beginning the home practice activities. Although the manual mentions the exercise, there is no information on how it is done. I have also heard that they do the energy ballContinue reading “Shichida Relaxation Exercise: Energy Balls”

Sports and Exercise – Alternatives for Martial Arts Classes

If you want to facilitate your child’s mental development, exercise and other physical recreation comes highly recommended.  One of the sports I have been looking at recently is martial arts classes. I contacted Rumen Wushu to enquire about martial arts classes for Gavin.  Unfortunately, Mr Tan no longer teaches.  Mr Tan’s classes were focused onContinue reading “Sports and Exercise – Alternatives for Martial Arts Classes”

Early Childhood Development – Back to Basics

Through all my research about early childhood development, I have noticed several themes cropping up time and time again.  As a parent, you probably would not have had to do any reading to know this because they are all pretty common sense stuff.  However, as common sense as it is, sometimes, it still gets lostContinue reading “Early Childhood Development – Back to Basics”

How do you Teach a Baby to Swim – Part 2

These are notes from “How to Teach Your Baby to Swim” by Douglas Doman.  Read Part 1. Where? If you’re starting with a newborn, you can begin your swimming lessons in the bath tub.  The water should be deep enough to cover you up to your chest when sitting.  If you’re starting with an olderContinue reading “How do you Teach a Baby to Swim – Part 2”

Physical Development – Water Babies

Ideally, the promotion of physical development for babies should begin immediately after birth, or as soon as possible because babies put on a lot of weight very quickly which works against them when trying to develop motor coordination.  In an earlier post, I lamented over the fact that I had missed the boat with GarethContinue reading “Physical Development – Water Babies”

Post-Partum Health: Getting Back into Shape

With a toddler and a baby to contend with, I haven’t really had much time to think about getting back into shape until recently.  Every year, we have a tradition of buying new clothes for Chinese New Year.  Every year, I usually manage to find something decent to wear… …until this year. After delivering Gareth,Continue reading “Post-Partum Health: Getting Back into Shape”

Babies: Stimulating Physical Development – Part 3

For the earlier posts in this series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3: The Grasp Reflex The grasp reflex is part of a newborn’s instinct to form a fist the moment an object comes into contact with his palm.  Any parent of a newborn baby will notice that baby’s fingers will automatically close around anyContinue reading “Babies: Stimulating Physical Development – Part 3”

Post-Natal: Getting Fit Again

Post-delivery there is a dicey period where you have to be careful about what you’re doing.  As eager as we all are to start exercising and shedding off all that excess post-baby weight, there are exercises that you should and shouldn’t be doing.  It is especially important to find out what you can and can’tContinue reading “Post-Natal: Getting Fit Again”

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