Family Board Games: Rummikub

Good executive functioning helps children succeed and one of the ways you can help children develop their executive function is to play board games. There’s a game I used to love playing as a child. It’s called Rummikub. It’s a little bit like Gin Rummy, but a lot more fun (at least, I think so). Recently,Continue reading “Family Board Games: Rummikub”

Self-Regulation and the Zones of Regulation

Some time back, I noticed posters like this in our school hallways. I found out from learning support that they were to help the children learn self-regulation. The posters were based on a concept called The Zones of Regulation. What is Self-Regulation? Self–regulation is the ability to manage disruptive emotions and impulses, and to think beforeContinue reading “Self-Regulation and the Zones of Regulation”

Tools of the Mind – Creating a Play Plan

Tools of the Mind helps a child develop “executive function” in the prefrontal cortex. It helps a child plan, predict, control impulses, persist through trouble, and orchestrate thoughts to fulfill a goal. Children learn how to avoid distraction, and become self-organised and self-directed. I first heard about Tools of the Mind when I read the bookContinue reading “Tools of the Mind – Creating a Play Plan”

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