Resources for Social Skills: Get Your Angries Out

It’s been said over and over again: if we want to raise children who will grow up to be successful in life, we need to focus on more than just academic success. Here are some of the qualities and traits that we have covered in the past: Emotional intelligence, specifically empathy To be conscientious andContinue reading “Resources for Social Skills: Get Your Angries Out”

Helping Children Develop Tools for Positive Attitudes

This is part of our series of articles on how to raise happy, confident and successful children… What else can we do to help our children develop positive attitudes for life? We can teach them tools that will help them recognise that they are in control of how they feel. Using Physiology to Change HowContinue reading “Helping Children Develop Tools for Positive Attitudes”

Behaviour Modification: How to Alter Your Child’s Attitude Without His Awareness

One of the things about Aristotle that has been bothering me lately is his negative attitude towards a lot of things. Some time back I wrote about the “helpless child syndrome“, lamenting over the fact that Aristotle appears “incapable” of doing things whenever I am around. Although we’ve managed to address that issue somewhat, I’ve noticedContinue reading “Behaviour Modification: How to Alter Your Child’s Attitude Without His Awareness”

How do you Deal with the Super-Sensitive Child?

Ever since he was a baby, Gavin has been a very sensitive boy. If ever I thought it was my fault, my nurturing that brought about his extreme sensitivity, having Gareth has taught me that perhaps more of this behaviour might be innate that I had previously believed. For instance, when Gavin was a baby,Continue reading “How do you Deal with the Super-Sensitive Child?”

The Problem with "Boys Don't Cry"

My oldest son has always been a sensitive boy. He feels things deeply and he reacts strongly to many things. For a boy, he cries a lot – probably a lot more than is usually deemed “appropriate” for a boy. For a long time, I have been uncomfortable about it because society’s stereotypical boy doesn’tContinue reading “The Problem with "Boys Don't Cry"”

Anger Management for Children

In our parents’ generation, a child that “talked back” was “bad”.  A child that “talked back” to an adult was not only being disobedient but also disrespectful to his elders.  It was a bad, bad thing.  So naturally, when Gavin started talking back, it made me concerned that my ordinarily fairly well-behaved boy was becomingContinue reading “Anger Management for Children”

The Impact of Peripheral Negative Emotions on Babies

Is it my imagination or does Gareth wake up and start fussing every time he hears Gavin cry?  I’d been wondering what it is about night duty with my two boys that they seem to decide they both need me to attend to them at the same time?  After a little closer observation, I’ve comeContinue reading “The Impact of Peripheral Negative Emotions on Babies”

What's Bothering my Toddler?

A few nights ago, Gavin’s behaviour took a huge turn for the worst.  He woke up in the middle of the night crying hysterically and it was not from a night terror.  He was impossible to placate and every little molehill was a mountain.  I couldn’t understand how my sweet and gentle little boy couldContinue reading “What's Bothering my Toddler?”

The Ambivalence of Being Pregnant

It looks like being a pregnant Mum the second time around has not made me immune to those silly pregnant fears about how the baby is doing… Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling fairly normal – there were no symptoms of that low grade nausea associated with pregnancy.  Gavin was nursing and my nipples weren’tContinue reading “The Ambivalence of Being Pregnant”

Discipline Tactics for Toddlers – The Teaching Conversation

Since my earlier difficulties in getting Gavin to apologise, I think I’ve discovered a tactic that works pretty well.  I read about it from “Raising a Happy Child” by Steve and Shaaron Biddulph.  It is called the “teaching conversation”.  It is intended for toddlers in possession of some amount of language skills because they areContinue reading “Discipline Tactics for Toddlers – The Teaching Conversation”

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