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BrillKids Celebrates Children’s Book Day, Easter, and World Book Day with 20% Off

Children’s Book Day International Children’s Book Day has been celebrated on 2 April (the birth date of Hans Christian Andersen) since 1967. It is celebrated to inspire a love of reading and to bring attention to children’s books… World Book Day The actual date of World Book Day seems a little contentious. According to the World BookContinue reading “BrillKids Celebrates Children’s Book Day, Easter, and World Book Day with 20% Off”

Holidays and Celebrations: Happy Easter for 2013!

Happy Easter for 2013! Aristotle recently watched Rise of the Guardians again and I saw it for the first time in its entirety. It would seem that kids these days are being taught that Easter is about the Easter bunny and an Easter egg hunt. So I corrected Aristotle’s distorted view of Easter and educated himContinue reading “Holidays and Celebrations: Happy Easter for 2013!”

Book Depository Easter Egg Hunt!

The Book Depository is having an Easter egg hunt on their website from now until April 25th (competition closes 5pm GMT the Monday after Easter Sunday). All you have to do is go to their website and search for all the easter eggs. Once you think you’ve found them all, fill in your answer andContinue reading “Book Depository Easter Egg Hunt!”