Math Apps: Dragon Box Big Numbers

We love DragonBox. The boys have played with all their apps: DragonBox Elements DragonBox Numbers DragonBox Algebra When I told them there was a new DragonBox app, G2 replied with a resounding, “Yay!” Anything that gets my kids excited about Math is always good in my book. DragonBox apps do just that. The creator ofContinue reading “Math Apps: Dragon Box Big Numbers”

Math Apps: DragonBox Numbers

We Want to Know AS makes some of the coolest Math Apps ever! Don’t believe us? Just check these out: Dragon Box Algebra – who would have thought algebra could be so fun? Dragon Box Elements – geometry is usually a fun Math subject but this one’s the icing on the cake. Since then, we have been waiting with baitedContinue reading “Math Apps: DragonBox Numbers”

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