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Glenn Doman Program: Raising Bright Kids

This was screening live last night on The AsianParent: What’s it about? This live interview with Janet Doman (IAHP), Douglas Doman (IAHP), and Lawrence Lee (Chief Consultant of Glenn Doman Baby Program in Singapore) is about the Glenn Doman early learning programs. It includes a discussion with Douglas Doman (author of How to Teach YourContinue reading “Glenn Doman Program: Raising Bright Kids”

Early Childhood Development: Focus on Input, Input, Input

If you have read any of Doman’s work on early childhood education, you will be familiar with his strong recommendations not to “test” children on what they have learned. If you aren’t familiar, what Doman says is essentially this: children hate to be tested and it is the quickest way to put them off learning.Continue reading “Early Childhood Development: Focus on Input, Input, Input”

Testing Your Child’s Knowledge Kills the Interest to Learn

According to Doman philosophy, you should never, never “test” your child in an effort to find out what he has learned. Doman claims this to be the downfall of schools – testing children. Nobody likes to be tested, and least of all, the children. And if you test your child, Doman warns, you will killContinue reading “Testing Your Child’s Knowledge Kills the Interest to Learn”

Revisiting the Physical Development Activities

There is an inside joke about Gavin and Gareth that has been going on since before Gareth was even conceived.  When it became evident that Gavin was not at all interested in physical activities, I joked that Gavin would be the brains and that my second child would be the brawn.  Since Gareth was beenContinue reading “Revisiting the Physical Development Activities”

Can Babies Really Learn Math?

When Gareth was 3 months old, I started him on Doman’s Math Program. He has gone through cards from 0-100, and learned addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Although Doman advises against “testing” children because it can put them off learning, you can indirectly test your baby by giving him problems to solve in a funContinue reading “Can Babies Really Learn Math?”

Flashcards: Couplets 1

These are the first in a series of flashcards on couplets.  We are nearing the end of the Doman reading program.  After the introduction of couplets, you will introduce phrases, and finally sentences.  From there, you can begin to make your own books for your child to read. How to use the slides: I usedContinue reading “Flashcards: Couplets 1”

Flashcards: Bits of Intelligence – Mathematics

This is a series of flashcards introducing Mathematics.  Just for clarity, this series falls under Bits of Intelligence rather than the Math series because it teaches the overall concept of Math.  In time to come, I intend to cover stuff like Pythagoras’ Theorem and calculus under the Math section (as soon as I figure outContinue reading “Flashcards: Bits of Intelligence – Mathematics”

Flashcards: Bits of Intelligence – Modern Wonders

For the seven modern wonders of the world, I took the list that was voted in as the top seven wonders of the world in 2007.  Although the polling system for selecting these seven modern wonders of the world was criticised as being un-scientific, I decided to use them anyway.  If you want a moreContinue reading “Flashcards: Bits of Intelligence – Modern Wonders”