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Book Week Dress-up: Frodo Baggins of the Shire

Book Week is coming up at school and G1 has decided he wants to be Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings. Since he’s actually told me about it weeks in advance, I can’t use the lame old excuse of not having enough time to make it. As it turns out, Frodo’s entire costumeContinue reading “Book Week Dress-up: Frodo Baggins of the Shire”

How to Make a Scorpion Costume

G1 is learning about biomes at school. As part of the curriculum, the children were supposed to dress up as animals from different biomes. G1 chose to be a scorpion from the savanna. Really? A scorpion? He couldn’t have chosen something easier, like an elephant? Then I could have recycled that elephant ears headband and allContinue reading “How to Make a Scorpion Costume”

Simple DIY Ninjago Costumes

Most children invariably want to dress up as their favourite super heroes. When you factor in growth and their rapidly changing fancies, this can be quite a costly affair. Recently, my two boys wanted to be ninjas from Ninjago. Or rather, Aristotle wanted to be Lloyd (the green ninja), and by default, whatever big brotherContinue reading “Simple DIY Ninjago Costumes”

Busy Box: DIY Magnetic Board Activity

I really liked the Betty Lukens Fun with Felt – learn your ABCs set which I read about from 1+1+1=1 and decided to make my own for Gareth’s Busy Box. Being the self-confessed lazy mother that I am, I wasn’t prepared to cut out felt shapes which I know will look dreadful once I’m doneContinue reading “Busy Box: DIY Magnetic Board Activity”